Band of Holy Joy

Πόσο άλλαξε ο ήχος τους μέσα σε τριαντατόσα χρόνια και μέσο όρο μια αποχώρηση-προσχώρηση μέλους το χρόνο. Του Μπάμπη Αργυρίου

0:00 Mad Dot, 4:42 Rosemary Smith, 7:05 Don't Stick Knives in Babbies’ Heads, 10:20 Who Snatched the Baby, 15:00 Leaves That Fall in Spring, 20:50 When Stars Come Out To Play, 23:09 Cities, 25:40 Fishwives, 30:37 You're Not Singing Anymore, 34:31 Route to Love, 37:28 You've Grown So Old in My Dreams, 40:03 Tactless, 44:04 What the Moon Saw, 46:38 Bride, 49:41 Shadows Fall, 53:51 Real Beauty Passed Through, 57:05 Torch Me, 59:22 Tracksuit Vendetta, 1:05:15 Claudia Dreams, 1:09:11 And Then the Real Thing Comes Along, 1:14:36 Capture My Soul, 1:18:52 The Laughter on Ganton Street, 1:22:56 Denmark Street, 1:27:45 And Yea, I Made it Through the Night, 1:32:02 Go Break the Ice, 1:37:09 The Land of Holy Joy, 1:41:25 Come Home to Me, 1:46:34 I'm Crass Harry