Belle and Sebastian

29 τραγούδια των Σκωτσέζων (ένα περίπου για κάθε χρόνο της καριέρας τους) συν μια διασκευή Thin Lizzy. Του Μπάμπη Αργυρίου

0:00 You're Just a Baby, 3:32 I Don't Love Anyone, 7:12 Me and the Major, 10:45 Like Dylan in the Movies, 14:46 Seeing Other People, 18:18 Dog on Wheels, 21:13 Le Pastie De La Bourgeoisie, 24:15 The Boy with the Arab Strap, 28:52 Dirty Dream Number Two, 33:00 I Fought In a War, 37:02 There's Too Much Love, 40:16 Women's Realm, 44:42 I'm Waking Up to Us, 48:20 Dear Catastrophe Waitress, 50:34 Step Into My Office, Baby, 54:44 Another Sunny Day, 58:39 Funny Little Frog, 1:01:38 White Collar Boy, 1:04:49 Sukie in the Graveyard, 1:07:35 Write About Love, 1:10:20 Come on Sister, 1:14:02 I Want the World to Stop, 1:18:16 Allie, 1:21:11 Nobody's Empire, 1:26:10 The Party Line, 1:30:00 Show Me the Sun, 1:33:40 Sister Buddha, 1:37:34 Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying, 1:41:21 Did the Day Go Just Like You Wanted, 1:44:17 The Boys Are Back In Town