Echo & the Bunnymen

Το καμάρι του Λίβερπουλ, του Σαν Φρανσίσκο της Βρετανίας, όπως το αποκάλεσε ο μέντοράς τους Bill Drummond. Του Μπάμπη Αργυρίου

0:00 Pictures on My Wall, 2:44 Read it in Books, 5:36 The Puppet, 8:28 Stars Are Stars, 11:10 All That Jazz, 13:55 Villiers Terrace, 16:32 Crocodiles, 19:04 Pride, 21:40 Do It Clean, 28:26 Show of Strength, 33:14 With A Hip, 36:13 Heaven up Here, 39:50 All My Colours, 43:46 The Disease, 45:43 The Cutter (Original Version), 49:35 The Back of Love, 52:44 Porcupine, 58:23 Nocturnal Me (John Peel Session), 1:02:18 The Killing Moon (Life at Brian's Sessions), 1:05:30 I Want To Be There (When You Come), 1:09:04 Too Young To Kneel, 1:12:26 Altamont, 1:16:08 Empire State Halo, 1:19:55 What Are You Going To Do With Your Life?, 1:24:48 It's Alright, 1:28:01 Do You Know Who I Am?