Αυτό που βγήκε από τη συνεργασία του τραγουδιστή χωρίς επώνυμο, του κιθαρίστα με τις jangly κιθάρες, του ντράμερ που αντιπαθούσε τα πιατίνια και του οργανίστα που… οργίαζε. Του Μπάμπη Αργυρίου

0:00 I Will Die With My Head in Flames, 1:25 Rain of Crystal Spires, 5:10 Dismantled King is Off the Throne, 7:56 A Wave Crashed on Rocks, 10:34 Sapphire Mansions, 12:51 Τhe Day the Rain Came Down, 15:16 My Face is on Fire, 18:13 Penelope Tree, 21:04 I Worship the Sun, 25:15 I Didn't Mean to Hurt You, 27:42 Whirlpool Vision of Shame, 30:32 Primitive Painters (feat. Elizabeth Fraser), 36:22 Ballad of the Band, 39:04 Silver Plane, 41:35 The World is as Soft as Lace, 45:45 Don't Die On My Doorstep, 47:58 Sunlight Bathed the Golden Glow, 50:46 Gather Up Your Wings and Fly, 54:27 Stained-Glass Windows in the Sky, 56:20 Evergreen Dazed, 1:01:17 Red Indians, 1:03:09 Apple Boutique, 1:05:00 Fortune, 1:08:31 Under a Pale Light, 1:12:40 Song for William S. Harvey, 1:15:17 Space Blues, 1:17:35 Grey Streets, 1:21:12 Textile Ranch, 1:24:04 My Darkest Light Will Shine, 1:26:53 The Final Resting of the Ark