Gang of Four

Μνημειώδης ηλεκτρική κιθάρα από τον Andy, ρυθμός για να ξεβιδωθείς στο χορό από τους Hugo, Dave και άλλους και στίχοι-τροφή για σκέψη από τον Jon. Του Μπάμπη Αργυρίου

0:00 Glass, 2:27 At Home He's a Tourist, 5:52 Ether, 9:34 Natural's Not In It, 12:25 I Found That Essence Rare, 15:24 Damaged Goods, 18:36 Not Great Men, 21:18 Return the Gift, 24:10 5.45, 27:33 To Hell with Poverty!, 31:52 What We All Want, 36:20 If I Could Keep It for Myself, 40:21 Paralysed, 43:26 Outside the Trains Don't Run On Time, 46:38 Call Me Up, 50:03 Muscle for Brains, 53:00 I Will Be a Good Boy, 56:43 I Love a Man in a Uniform, 1:00:38 We Live As We Dream, Alone, 1:04:03 Silver Lining, 1:07:28 Woman Town, 1:11:57 I Parade Myself, 1:15:52 Shrinkwrapped, 1:19:07 Better Him than Me, 1:22:50 You Don't Have to Be Mad, 1:25:57 She Said ‘You Made a Thing of Me', 1:29:32 Do As I Say, 1:32:47 I Can't Forget Your Lonely Face, 1:36:35 Where the Nightingale Sings, 1:39:53 Isle of Dogs