Jonathan Richman

Είναι απολαυστικός, είτε υμνεί μουσικούς, ζωγράφους, τοποθεσίες, είτε τραγουδάει για τις μικρές ή μεγάλες αδυναμίες του

0:00 When I Dance, 2:37 Couples Must Fight, 4:31 This Kind of Music, 6:35 Vincent Van Gogh, 8:53 To Hide a Little Thought, 12:03 Velvet Underground, 15:24 The Beach, 17:37 Rockin' Rockin' Leprechauns, 19:42 Gail Loves Me, 22:23 Dancin’ Late At Night, 25:48 Let Her Go Into the Darkness, 28:57 That Summer Feeling, 32:38 I'm Just Beginning to Live, 35:19 I Must Be King, 37:48 My Love Is a Flower (Just Beginning to Bloom), 40:04 The Neighbours, 43:18 Give Paris One More Chance, 46:00 I Love Hot Nights, 48:44 When We Refuse To Suffer, 50:54 I Can Hear Her Fighting With Herself