Julian Cope

Ο αφρός των προσωπικών ηχογραφήσεων του μουσικού, συγγραφέα και ιστορικού, ο οποίος δηλώνει Too Freud to rock 'n' roll, too Jung to die

0:00 No Hard Shoulder to Cry On, 2:35 Hanging Out & Hung Up on the Line, 7:11 Bill Drummond Said, 9:25 Sunspots, 13:00 East Easy Rider, 16:28 Reynard the Fox, 22:30 Double Vegetation, 26:16 Holy Love, 29:23 Fear Loves This Place, 33:20 I Have Always Been Here Before, 37:34 O King of Chaos, 39:49 Charlotte Anne, 44:26 Me Singing, 47:48 Fa-fa-fa-fine, 49:58 Elegant Chaos, 53:55 The Bloody Assizes, 56:58 Bandy's First Jump, 59:45 Soul Desert, 1:03:18 Sunshine Playroom, 1:0:05 Search Party