Roky Erickson

0:00 If You Have Ghosts, 3:00 I Walked With a Zombie, 5:32 Two Headed Dog (Red Temple Prayer), 8:43 The Wind and More, 12:30 Mine Mine Mind, 15:02 You Don't Love Me Yet, 19:14 Stand For the Fire Demon, 24:28 Bloody Hammer, 28:34 Don't Slander Me, 31:53 Starry Eyes, 34:56 Bermuda, 38:06 The Interpreter, 40:33 Night of the Vampire, 44:37 Don't Shake Me Lucifer, 47:20 Burn the Flames, 53:12 It's a Cold Night for Alligators, 56:06 Nothing in Return, 58:45 Click Your Fingers Applauding the Play, 1:01:10 I Think of Demons, 1:03:51 I Have Always Been Here Before, 1:06:36 Clear Night for Love, 1:09:13 Creature with the Atom Brain, 1:13:20 For You (I'd do Anything), 1:15:28 We Are Never Talking, 1:19:07 Goodbye Sweet Dreams