Sax Hysteria

Είκοσι ροκ τραγούδια με σαξόφωνο που ξεσαλώνει. Του Μπάμπη Αργυρίου

Laughing Clowns - Just Because I Like
Psychedelic Furs - Fall
Theatre Of Hate - Incinerator
John Zorn - The James Bond Theme
Blurt - Enemy Ears
Liliput - Die Matrosen
Positive Noise - ...And Yet Again
Contortions - Roving Eye
Essential Logic - Wake Up
X-Ray Spex - I Can't Do Anything
Morphine - I Know You (Part Two)
Nico - Henry Hudson
Maximum Joy - Searching For A Feeling
Pigbag - Big Bag
Rip Rig & Panic - Beat the Beast
Biting Tongues - Aair Care
Romeo Void - Your Life Is A Lie
Flipper - First The Heart
Ludus - I Can't Swim, I Have Nightmares
Les Tueurs De La Lune De Miel - Les Petits Oiseaux