Το πιο γνωστό γκρουπ του αυτόχειρα Mark Linkous που ευτύχησε να συνεργαστεί με Tom Waits και PJ Harvey. Του Μπάμπη Αργυρίου

0:00 Gold Day (feat. Nina Persson), 3:43 Rainmaker, 7:19 Piano Fire (feat. PJ Harvey), 9:51 Everytime I’m With You (feat. Danger Mouse + Jason Lytle), 12:58 Mountains, 15:52 Saturday, 18:05 Painbirds, 21:45 Don't Take My Sunshine Away, 24:42 Dog Door (feat. Tom Waits), 27:22 Cow, 34:12 Happy Place, 36:22 Hundreds of Sparrows, 38:43 Spirit Ditch, 41:58 Tears on Fresh Fruit, 43:58 Sick of Goodbyes, 47:15 Maria's Little Elbows, 51:25 Homecoming Queen, 54:45 Someday I Will Treat You Good, 58:06 Happy Man, 1:01:28 Little Girl (feat. Danger Mouse + Julian Casablancas), 1:05:55 Hammering the Cramps, 1:08:38 Shade and Honey, 1:12:40 Eyepennies (feat. PJ Harvey), 1:17:27 It's a Wonderful Life