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Mixtape 20 τραγουδιών σαν προθέρμανση για την ιδιαίτερη συναυλία του Σαββάτου στο Temple

0:00 A Day In Heaven, 4:32 La Grande Illusion, 7:55 This Angry Silence, 10:23 When Emily Cries, 13:55 If I Could Write Poetry, 18:38 Stop and Smell the Roses, 22:33 Someone to Share My Life With, 26:17 A Sense of Belonging, 31:23 All My Dreams Are Dead, 34:17 How I Learned to Love the... Bomb, 39:07 The Room at the Top of the Stairs, 42:38 Adventure Playground, 45:19 Magnificent Dreams, 48:12 Where the Rainbow Ends, 51:35 Scream Quietly, 55:40 David Hockneys Diaries, 1:02:16 Silly Girl, 1:04:45 The Glittering Prizes, 1:07:30 Look Back In Anger, 1:10:00 The Painted Word