The Go-Betweens

Ακούμε είκοσι τραγούδια τους στη σειρά για να θυμηθούμε πόσο καλοί ήταν

0:00 A Bad Debt Follows You
2:18 Don't Let Him Come Back
4:54 Man O Sand to Girl O Sea
9:06 Lee Remick
11:32 People Say
14:06 The House That Jack Kerouac Built
18:40 I Need Two Heads
21:05 Cattle and Cane
24:55 Bye Bye Pride
28:46 Karen
32:48 Two Steps Step Out
36:09 The Wrong Road
40:52 Love Goes On!
44:00 Right Here
47:40 Spring Rain
50:36 Was There Anything I Could Do
53:30 The Clarke Sisters
56:42 As Long As That
1:01:55 Bachelor Kisses
1:05:18 Eight Pictures