The Steppes

Οι ιρλανδοί αδερφοί Fallon μετανάστευσαν στην Αμερική και αφού βρήκαν δυο ακόμα μουσικούς και εταιρεία κατάφεραν ν’ αγαπηθούν στην… Ευρώπη που εκτιμά την καλή ψυχεδέλεια.

0:00 Cut In Two, 2:14 See You Around, 5:40 The One Thing, 8:12 Make Us Bleed, 10:58 Lazy Ol' Son, 14:47 I Can't Trust You, 17:24 Holding Up Well, 20:34 Tourists from Timenotyet, 25:08 Master James, 29:24 In Your Prime, 32:53 A Lonely Girl, 35:20 I Think I'll Go, 38:20 A Play on Wordsworth, 44:00 Chicago Oratorio, 49:09 A Prayer for You, 51:49 Somebody Waits, 54:44 Potter's Wheel, 58:33 Living So Dead, 1:00:55 Cornucopia, 1:03:55 The Brightest Lights, 1:07:33 You Just Don't Care, 1:11:03 Whole World on Your Shoulder, 1:14:24 Time Goes By, 1:17:38 More than This, 1:21:09 Make Peace with Your Darkness, 1:26:50 We Make Dreams Come True