The Waterboys

Τα πληρώματα έρχονται και φεύγουν, αλλά ο captain Scott συνεχίζει –κοντά σαράντα χρόνια– να κρατάει το πηδάλιο. Του Μπάμπη Αργυρίου

0:00 Somebody Might Wave Back, 2:40 Be My Enemy, 6:15 Medicine Bow, 11:52 World Party, 16:28 The Hosting of the Shee, 20:36 I Will Not Follow, 25:46 All the Things She Gave Me, 31:12 Don't Bang the Drum, 36:29 Sustain, 39:44 Church Not Made with Hands, 45:19 The Pan Within, 51:21 A Girl Called Johnny, 55:05 Where the Action Is, 58:27 The Big Music, 1:03:03 Glastonbury Song, 1:06:36 Before the World Was Made, 1:08:10 Red Army Blues, 1:16:05 Old England, 1:20:29 Trumpets, 1:23:54 The Man with the Wind at His Heels, 1:26:29 Peace of Iona, 1:32:37 An Irish Airman Foresees His Death, 1:35:07 My Love Is My Rock in the Weary Land, 1:42:38 The Whole of the Moon, 1:47:35 The Return of Pan