Virgin Prunes

Κομιστές μιας άλλης μορφής ομορφιάς, οι ιρλανδοί ποστπάνκς με τους δυο τραγουδιστές διακηρύσσουν πως θέλουν να κλέψουν την καρδιά σου. Του Μπάμπη Αργυρίου

0:00 Bau-Dachöng, 5:40 Pagan Lovesong, 9:02 Love Lasts Forever, 13:18 Decline and Fall, 18:00 Walls of Jericho, 20:55 The Moon Looked Down and Laughed, 25:13 In the Greylight, 27:56 Sandpaper Lullaby, 30:52 Theme for Thought, 35:17 Down the Memory Lane, 38:26 Ballad of the Man, 41:50 Moments and Mine (Despite Straight Lines), 44:40 Baby Turns Blue, 48:15 Come to Daddy, 54:00 Twenty Tens (I've Been Smoking All Night), 56:21 Caucasian Walk, 1:00:44 Sons Find Devils, 1:05:25 Dave-Id Is Dead, 1:09:37 Alone, 1:12:50 Sweethome Under White Clouds, 1:17:17 The Tortured Heart, 1:20:26 I Am God