Punkabilly μπάντα με έδρα το Los Angeles και μέλη (John Nommensen Duchac/John Doe, Christine Cervenkova/Exene Cervenka, Ty Kindel/Billy Zoom και Donald J. Bonebrake/D.J. Bonebrake) από τέσσερις διαφορετικές πολιτείες.

0:00 Johnny Hit and Run Paulene, 2:42 Los Angeles, 5:00 Sex and Dying in High Society, 7:06 Your Phone's off the Hook, But You're Not, 9:28 Nausea, 13:04 We're Desperate, 15:03 Beyond and Back, 17:46 Universal Corner, 21:58 Some Other Time, 24:12 When Our Love Passed Out on the Couch, 26:05 White Girl, 29:28 The Once Over Twice, 31:57 Back 2 the Base, 33:26 In This House That I Call Home, 36:54 Adult Books, 40:06 The Hungry Wolf, 43:50 Because I Do, 46:11 Blue Spark, 48:14 The Have Nots, 52:42 Under the Big Black Sun, 56:03 Poor Girl, 58:48 The New World, 1:02:00 Devil Doll, 1:05:02 I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts, 1:09:03 Burning House of Love, 1:12:50 Anyone Can Fill Your Shoes, 1:15:35 In the Time it Takes, 1:18:42 Angel on the Road, 1:21:25 I Will Dare