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Δεν μιλάμε για τη μουσική αλλά για τον μουσικό. Τι τον φτιάχνει, τι θυμάται, που μειονεκτεί κλπ. Της Αλίκης Γιαννάκη. English version

Malcolm MiddletonIf you know who Malcolm Middleton is and you would love to read an interesting, yet unconventional interview of his, you are at the right page.

If you know who Malcolm Middleton is and you would love to read interesting interviews of his, you are again at the right page; you just have to scroll down and follow the links.

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Malcolm Middleton
(What is it that everyone should know about you?)

ΜΜ: There is really nothing that anyone should know about me. But I am Scottish. I write and record songs. I am 35 years old. I am alive right now. Cogito ergo sum.

Mundane Mess
(It is said that people with organized brains tend to work in totally chaotic environments, messy desks and stuff. What do you think?)

ΜΜ: I have heard this too, but I was never sure what the importance of this statement was. Does it matter? If my desk is tidy am I therefore stupid? My desk is half-tidy in the mornings, and then gets worse throughout the day. Gradually.

Magnetic Mistake
(Describe a habit or just something that you keep doing despite the fact you actually always believe you shouldn't)

ΜΜ: Not trying hard enough. Giving up too easily. Not motivating myself. Listening to my demons. Letting bad thoughts run free.

Mistakes make the life correctMagic Move
(Describe something - anything - that you do that uplifts your mood)

ΜΜ: Playing guitar or listening to nice music. Davy Graham or Patty Smith. Going for a walk in the park near my house. Swimming.

Man-made Monster
(Talk about an invention that makes your life harder)

ΜΜ: Obviously computers and mobile phones. I don't want them anymore.

Modest Man
(Talk about a person who is too modest and low profile to ever become hugely successful yet he/she should be)

ΜΜ: I can't tell you, he'd hate it.

VisionaryMortal Melody
(Name a tune/song/you know that hasn't been a major success, may not considered a classic, people might not remember it in 5 years, yet it's special to you)

ΜΜ: Yeasayer - "2080"

My Music
(Name 5 records you will always enjoy no matter what)

ΜΜ: Pat Benatar - Seven The Hard Way
Puressence - Puressence
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Welcome To The Pleasuredome
Neil Young - Harvest
Bill Wells Trio - Also In White

Merry Meeting
(No matter how rare or how often it's always a pleasure to meet...)

ΜΜ: The Pictish Trail. Always a good laugh and full of positive spirit.

Woodcut 6Miss Marple
(Talk about the most mysterious woman you've ever met)

ΜΜ: She is so elusive, words can't pin her down. I don't even try.

Micro Mirror
(Is there anything you avoid looking at when you look at the mirror? Is there anything you stare at?)

ΜΜ: I try to avoid my lying eyes.

Monday Morning
(I find it better than Sunday Morning. You?)

ΜΜ: I'm a Tuesday kind of guy. No one notices this day, it's a secret.

Machine Messages
(Please share the most interesting message ever recorded or sent)

ΜΜ: I once told my bank manager I loved him because I texted him by mistake.

Thats lifeMental Meal
(aka food for thought. Any favourite recipes?)

ΜΜ: Chorba. Geschnetzeltes.

M & M
(Does chocolate ever make you feel a better person? I know it sounds stupid, but it works for me)

ΜΜ: No, but I like it. It makes me happy for a little while. Then fat.

Mosaic Memory
(It doesn't have to make sense; it needs to feel nice, if possible)

ΜΜ: My earliest memory is of my parents taking me to the village hall on a Saturday night. Brightly lit, white walls, like a ballroom, everyone singing Lord Of The Dance and holding me up in the air. A bit like The Wicker Man. I'm not sure if this really happened.

Mythical Moon
(There is a connection between the moon and your latest album. Please explain)

ΜΜ: My album Waxing Gibbous is named after a moon phase. Coming to full, fruition. On the ascent. But full of monsters.

Mischievous Market
(If you could start all over again from scratch, would you be a professional musician again?)

ΜΜ: No, I've done this, so I'd probably try something different just for the experience.

Malcolm Middleton 2Middleton Malcolm
(What happens when upside down?)

ΜΜ: I dance on the ceiling

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